Zero Trust Network Access & Protection

Stop attacks at every stage across IT, OT, and cloud.

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Universal Zero Trust Access

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Xage Security Solutions created to in zero-trust access and protection. Their mission is to simplify access to critical assets while preventing advanced cyberattacks against the systems we depend on. 

Key points:

  • Zero Trust Defense-in-Depth Implementation Services
  • Identity and Access Implementation Services
  • Remote Access Implementation Services
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Implementation
  • Credential Management
  • Identity-based Dynamic Segmentation
  • Integration with Existing Workflow and Monitoring tools

Resilient, highly available cybersecurity mesh

Xage Fabric Platform

Universal Zero Trust Access

Xage provides easy-to-use access control across IT, OT, and cloud assets.

Granular Protection

Enforce policies without compromising agility or usability.

Prevent Attacks:

Streamline security by eliminating disjointed tools and enforcing universal access policies.


Xage covers a wide range of attack techniques.

Lightweight Deployment

Xage can be deployed anywhere, securing assets and enabling productivity


Xage Enforcement Points

Universal Access Control for Industrial Operations

Xage Enforcement Point (XEP) is a highly available, small footprint solution for data security and access control. XEP acts as a filter controlling access into and out of individual controllers and devices, effectively adding sophisticated security to unprotected assets.

Xage Security Fabric, XEP provides

Access-policy enforcement

Ensure that only authorized user can access specific resources based on predefined policies.

Secures edge-to-edge

Provides comprehensive security measures across all network endpoints to protect data and communication.

Edge-to-cloud data exchange

Enables efficient and secure transfer of data between edge devices and cloud infrastructure.

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