Why SMS Blasting Service Is Important for Businesses in Cambodia?

SMS blasting service is the most effective way in Cambodia to send notifications for seasonal promotions, products or services launches, and important notices to specific targeted individuals amongst other marketing methods. For example, it can be applied by educational institutions to announce new school programs and other important pieces of information for teachers, staff and students. SMS blasting ensures the message reaches the individuals where channels like Facebook and other social media platforms cannot achieve.

Some businesses will attempt to send SMSes to their targeted customers one by one by typing and sending on their mobile phone. This way requires much more effort, time and also higher costs compared to using MekongNet’s SMS Blasting Service. SMS blasting is different, it is a faster way of message delivery to targeted clients effortlessly in a better time and cost saving manner. All you need to do is simply prepare the message you want to send and upload your list of customer mobile numbers (on our web portal or via Machine to Machine API interaction), and you can send the message to your customers on multiple mobile networks (Smart, Cellcard, Metfone and others...) all at once.

SMS blasting service can deliver better results especially for member or loyalty marketing promotions. Businesses can maximize benefits and revenue by using existing databases which they have already collected from membership programmes or any prior activities to send direct promotional SMSes to these "already interested" group, to re-visit the store for special member promotions, new products launches or any announcements.

Did you know that most big global brands also include SMS blasting service in their marketing strategies? Companies like Facebook, CNN, Express, IKEA, Reebok, Petco, Tommy Hilfiger have constantly use SMS marketing to grow their business brands in the most cost-effective way.

Businesses can receive great benefits from using MekongNet’s SMS blasting service. It is one of the most effective marketing channels to deliver important messages about products, services or promotions to targeted customers while offering faster delivery, reachability, affordability, and higher open and conversion rates.

MekongNet’s MekongSMS platform is committed to help businesses in Cambodia include SMS marketing in their marketing strategies to yield better and higher marketing return of investment (ROI) in a more simple, faster, and secure way. Furthermore, with the ability to provide your business a Branded Sender Name as part of your SMS service, MekongNet’s SMS service is able to improve your business’ brand visibility and position your brand in your target audience’s top-of-mind whenever they need certain products or services.

About MekongNet

Since 2006, MekongNet is a licensed Internet Service Provider (ISP), Internet Exchange Provider (IXP) and Internet Data Exchange Center (IDX) by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications of Cambodia (MPTC). MekongNet offers wide-ranging services from internet services, connectivity services such as IPLC/DPLC/VPN, cloud and hosting services, data center co-location, managed services, wholesales, and ICT solutions. More importantly is MekongNet's capacity to provide high-speed fiber optic and last mile technology internet access services to corporate and home users with premium 24/7/365 customer support.

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About MekongSMS

MekongSMS is a time-tested, reliable and one of the most trusted SMS service providers in Cambodia. Partnered with all mobile operators (Smart, Cellcard, Metfone, Seatel), MekongSMS is able to send SMS to all mobile networks in Cambodia. MekongSMS also provides services for sending one-time-pin (OTP), verification codes, important notifications and SMS marketing. With multiple routes, 24-hour monitoring and support teams, MekongSMS ensures your message is delivered on time, every time.
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