Mobile Data Authentication

Single Tap Security

Mobile Data Authentication is the evolution of verification methods to meet the needs of modern users. It is instant and private while providing a high level of security.

Why is it more secure?

Privacy awareness of users has been a growing concern as our technology continues to evolve. Unlike other mobile authentication methods like SMS OTP, biometrics (Face ID, Touch ID), header enrichment, Mobile Data Authentication protects the user by not using sensitive user data. Instead, it uses unique identifiers from the sim, the device and the verified phone number from your telecom provider.

Improve your user experience

Providing minimal user interaction, there is no need to register a username and password, wait for OTP to arrive, or have to worry about good lighting for Face ID.


Where can it be used?

This can be applied to any app that requires user verification with almost endless possibilities. Below are examples of the kinds of app it can be applied to:

  • mobile banking apps
  • money transfers
  • food ordering
  • online shopping
  • ride hailing
  • shipping n transport apps
  • hotel reservations
  • flight booking apps
  • and more.

For Developers

The entire flow is seamless to the mobile user. Everything happens in the background: the information sent from the user's mobile device is cross referenced with the unique set of identifiers with mobile operators.
A more efficient code. User login and or verification can be a one tap process.
Less user errors. There is no need to remember any username, password or pincode.
Better UX. Eliminate lost login credentials requiring users to go through the forgot password process.
Detects SIM swapping. It can detect hackers taking over accounts.



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