MekongNet Service Summary

Thank you for visiting our page here is a quick list of our services:

Fiber to Home IP Transit
MekongNet brings top notch high speed enterprise level internet at your doorstep. With fiber optic lines spread all over the Kingdom of Cambodia. Working an online job, heavy gaming, small businesses like online sellers now have access to uncompromising speed and stability. Expand your network beyond borders as MekongNet offers access to border gateway routers putting your network into the world wide web.
Add an extra layer of security on your app, easy event registrations, text blasting ads, secure banking and financial transactions with One Time Passwords, or announce your special promotions to your customers. A Worry Free, Zero hardware expense server lease, with the location, equipment, maintenance, power supply all taken cared of by MekongNet.
Local Private point to point connection with Dedicated fiber optic speeds for your business. Popularly used by ATMs, Banks, POS Machines, Schools / Universities with multiple branches and connecting large corporations to their smaller branches. We take your connection and add an extra layer of security + encryption on top. A common alternative to having IPLC and DPLC.
IPLC Disaster Recovery
Private point to point connection with Dedicated fiber optic speeds, that reaches beyond the country borders, connecting businesses internationally. Normally used by the biggest global corporations, international banks and financial institutions, governments bodies, and world organizations. The best way to prevent data loss is to have a back up. Your client list, financial data, list of assets, your entire CRM database, all securely backed up protected from power failures, fire, hardware or software failure and acts of nature.
Data Center  
Your servers, our racks, our location, our power lines and our maintainance team. MekongNet offers a safe place to keep your servers.