Capacity Wholesale

MekongNet Wholesale Capacity provides flexibility and scalability to customers through customized dedicated point-to-point capacity solutions between two different locations.

Various protection and redundancy schemes can be tailored to customer needs for service accessibility and reliability assurance. Network ring topology and 1+1 redundant schemes are also accessible to protect backhaul from Point of Presence (POP) to Point of Presence (POP). For Local loop, from POP to customer premise could also be protected to meet the customer’s requirement.

Customers can choose any capacity availability between 45 Mbps (DS-3) to 10Gbps (STM-64), which exists in MekongNet international SDH network.

Product & Infrastructure Overview 

  • Its Capacity is delivered to MekongNet extensive regional network in Asia and it cooperates with international partners for the local loop part as per customers’ requirement.
  • MekongNet bears the end-to-end responsibility on circuits and provides One-Stop-Shop (OSS) solution for line implementation, service management and billing.
  • Customized solutions on the technical design including route diversity, protection, redundancy, etc… are available upon request with full compliance to the international standards and recommendations (ITU-T).
  • Professional Dedicated Commercial Team ensures a quick and proficient follow-up to customer requests and make sure that customers receive the best potential offer.

Customer Service & Technical Support

  • Industry standard Service Level Agreement with commitment on implementation, service availability and repair is available.
  • 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) is served on a real-time basis monitoring for quality management and assurance.
  • Escalation procedure with the support of higher technical or management level always guaranteed as a fast resolution in problems
  • MekongNet Hotline or Trouble Ticket systems are vacant in 24x7x365 implementation related to matters, troubleshooting and rectification of faults on the end-to-end circuits.
  • Troubles can be reported via customer call and by e-mail. MekongNet Network Operation Centre (NOC) will regularly inform customers by telephone or email about solution progress with a 3 tiers escalation matrix in place.