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Effective Professional Telephony

Success in business these days takes more than face to face discussions. It requires a more modern way to communicate. One of the most professional way to do it as a company is throught telephony solutions like a Private Branch Exchange system (PBX).

A private branch exchange is a well organized telephone system that joins together voice over ip (voip), local area network, ip phones, session initiation protocol (sip), call management software and the power of the internet providers.

Key Benefits:

Cost Savings.
A single office phone number can be shared by employees.

Official Number
Having a pbx system allows you to have a fixed official company phone that any customer or client can easily contact

Flexible routing
A proper telepone system allows you to put options where to send calls,to individual extensions or specific departments

An answering machine or an IVR, helps to identify the correct person to talk to or leave a message during non-business hours

Telephony systems we offer

  • On Premises
    • Highly secure
    • High capital expense (CAPEX)
    • The server is physically onsite
    • Phones can either be softphones (software based dialer) or hard phones (a real physical phone)
  • On Cloud
    • Fast and Flexible deployment
    • Low capital expense (low CAPEX)
    • Recurring monthly expense (high OPEX)
    • Using a cloud server
    • Phones can either be softphones (software based dialer) or hard phones (a real physical phone)
  • Hybrid
    • The most secure and reliable
    • High capital expense (CAPEX)
    • Recurring monthly expense (high OPEX)
    • A physical server and a cloud server works together to backup each other
    • Highly recommended for large call center operations
    • Phones can either be softphones (software based dialer) or hard phones (a real physical phone)

Why get a PBX System from MekongNet?

  1. Quality - we are an internet provider, one of the first in Cambodia this gives you the advantage on connectivity and heavy duty equipment.
  2. Reliability - being one of the pioneers in the tech industry means we know the right people to source the right things more effeciently than others.
  3. Support - as an internet service provider focused mostly in the Business to Business (B2B) sector, our teams are always professional and well trained to support your needs.

Features and Definitions

We understand that you may be reaserching further about telephony and pbx topics that relate to this service, so we listed a few words that might help you in your research journey to make better informed decision.

SIP Provider - Session Initiation Protocol Provider, is the telephone company that provides you the phone number.

Inbound call - is generally any call received from outside.

Outbound call - is the name when you call out to people.

IVR - Interactive Voice Response, another word for answering machine. This is responsible to directing customers to the correct departments or when leaving a message during non business hours.

Soft Phone - a software based telephone, it typically would have the functions like a dialer, hold and transfer, some soft phones for call centers may have advanced functions like login/logout for different users, status changes for breaks and auxilary modes.

Hard Phone - this is the opposite of a soft phone therefore the word hard, these are the physical phones.

On Premise server - this means the company purchased a physical server and is in the same location as the company.

Cloud server - this means the company / client is renting a server from a provider.

VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol, is generally any call that goes through the internet instead of the traditional telephone lines.

IP Phone - these are digital telephones used in a modern PBX system that has the ability to use the internet to make phone calls.

Ring setting - it is a function that would allow you to control who's phone will ring when someone calls, usually it can be Ring ALL for everyone, Ring Group for specific departments / teams, Ring to extension for specific people.

Extension - phones inside a PBX system is normally split into different individual phones, each phone is assigned a specific extension. These extensions are shortcuts to find where an inbound call is routed to. Calls between one extension to another is typically free and only uses local area network bandwidth, meaning it does not strain much on the internet.

CAPEX - Capital Expense, can also be refered to as the investment cost or the money you spend to get the service / product. This is normally the case if you wish to have hard phones and an on premise server.

OPEX - Operational Expense, these are re occuring bills that you pay. Things like electricity, rent, internet subscription, cloud subscription, employee salary, etc...


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