Internet Speed requirements 2023

01 September, 2023 | BySambath

Internet Speed requirements 2023

Most of the issues clients experience with internet speed is because their needs does not match the plan they subscribe to, below is a guide to help identify how much internet speed you require based on your online activities.

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Here are our suggested speeds when using one device

10Mbps for Small meetings (20 people below)
18Mbps for Large meetings (up to 35 people)

3Mbps for Low resolution FB live on phone
6Mbps for High resolution FB live on phone
10Mbps for High resolution FB live on PC

3Mbps for watching HD on Youtube
5Mbps for watching FullHD on Youtube
20Mbps for watching 4K on Youtube

3Mbps for watching SD on NETFLIX
5Mbps for watching HD on NETFLIX
25Mbps for watching UltraHD on NETFLIx




Here are our suggested speeds based on devices

3Mbps per user on guest WI-FI

3Mbps for each Mobile phone

6Mbps for each workstation

0.5Mbps per VOIP phone

2Mbps per CCTV camera good quality 12FPS

10Mbps per CCTV camera high quality 30FPS

1Mbps LAN speed for each printer / scanner

30Mbps LAN speed per workstation


What is difference between HOME and BUSINESS fiber internet?

The average person would mistake these two kinds of services to be interchangable with the only difference being the price, but there is more to it than that.


Uses consumer grade equipment - most of the hardware like the modem and  router used for this connectivity can be bought from your regular IT stores.

Great for short heavy burst tasks - sending / receiving files, streaming for homework, downloading movies, streaming music, and other tasks that usually continue for a few minutes to a few hours are not a problem.

Home oriented ala carte - larger households can request to increase the wi-fi coverage by requesting wi-fi extensions and optional public IP for those who have cctv.

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Enterprise grade equipment - equipment used for these are proven to be heavy duty, fewer IT stores would be selling them and usually it requires advanced and large quantities to order.

Made for continous heavy workload - in a working environment, business never stops and therefore  the ability to handle continuous flow of data is a must.

Special business Add-Ons - we understand that each business would have their own unique set of needs, hotels and restaurants may ask for branded customized hotspots, while schools and large enterpises may need building to building DPLC, shops may need public IP's enabled for CCTV, having a  business package makes it easier to tailorfit to your needs.

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