MekongNet recently launched a NNI Partnership with CHIEF Telecom

MekongNet’s customers will now be able to get more complete, scalable and flexible network service thanks to the newly launched NNI partnership with CHIEF Telecom, the leading IDC, MPLS and Voice service provider in Taiwan. The NNI is based on Autonomous Systems MPLS interconnection, which allows services on peered MPLS VPNs to be delivered seamlessly across both service providers. 

The interconnection partnership will allow bi-lateral Data IP Services exchanges between Cambodia and Taiwan, as well as providing one-stop-shop transit services to MekongNet’s carrier partners. The partnership is in line with MekongNet’s Global Relations strategy, which focuses on extending its interconnection with Global carriers through MPLS networks in order to expand the company’s IP Data Services reach to all major countries and provide seamless MPLS VPN services.

In addition, Cambodia-based enterprise clients will benefit from the extension of carrier grade VPN to their base office, a multi-purpose service offering to cater to different office applications as well as a one-stop-shop offering.