In-house data centers can be expensive, especially since the shift from individual servers to networked systems. It’s like owning your own home, where you’re responsible for all of the costs, maintenance/repairs and security. For these reasons, many companies are making the switch to colocation services to house their data centers.

A colocation facility provides an off-site location for companies to house their data, with specialists on duty 24/7 to deal with emergency system failures and security breaches. There’s also a huge gap between most in-house solutions and colocation services when it comes to power. In-house data centers often have just the bare minimum (an average cooling system and a small backup power source), whereas colocation providers offer diverse power feeds, multiple generator systems and on-site fuel reserves.

Here are four benefits of data center colocation:


  1. Scalability. Colocation facilities are now designed to not only comply with regulations and standards, but also predicted capacity requirements, all while simultaneously reducing operating costs by incorporating aisle-containment structures. One solution offered by many experts in the field is to use scalable or modular designs. The aisle-containment structure is increasingly popular because it meets all of these goals by providing an infrastructure that’s easily expandable and rapidly deployable.


  1. Sustainable infrastructure. Data center colocation services help businesses reach their full potential by not only providing cost savings but also sustaining and providing an excellent business infrastructure. Colocation offers power access, delivery and efficiency. It gives you the best solution for power, connectivity, bandwidth and latency. Colocation facilities focus on the data center and network services, so your company can focus on the bottom line.
  2. Security. Colocation providers have the necessary resources to maintain high security—more so than a company. They continuously upgrade their facilities to ensure all tenants’ data is protected and secure through personnel monitoring, physical-attack prevention, and fire detection and control.


  1. Cost. The two major points of cost efficiency are capital expenses and operational expenses. With colocation, a business needn’t worry about purchasing land, hiring a contractor, handling deployment latency, managing security, or delivering and managing power in the building. The cost to expand a data center can be steep, which is why many businesses opt for colocation.

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