Determining the Router Type for Internet Connectivity

You can use the Windows Server 2003 Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) feature to route traffic between the LAN and public network. As mentioned previously, RRAS includes the full NAT implementation which can be used to translate private IP addresses to a public IP address that can be routed over the Internet.

For the private network, a router must be installed. The ISP provides the router connected at the other end of the WAN link. You can use stand-alone Internet hardware routing devices to connect the LAN to the WAN and provide Internet connections. By connecting stand-alone Internet routers directly to the WAN, you can share dial-up modem, ISDN or DSL connections with the network. Hardware routers are dedicated routing devices that sole purpose is to provide a routing capability. Hardware routers are ideal for providing Internet connections for the organization. Software routers run as a service on a computer residing within the network.

The router which you install will operate as the default gateway of the network for all IP addresses which are not located within the private network.

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