Get Fastest Free Facebook* Bandwidth with MekongNet Now

With the increasing demand on internet usage, MekongNet is pleased to announce a new promotion for each MekongNet internet package purchase. Customers will get 50Mbps on DIX bandwidth for free.

This increment is applicable to both existing and new customers of MekongNet. Users will experience the fastest internet connection from fiber optic. Especially, the new DIX bandwidth also comes with Facebook cached on top of existing caching or access to Google, YouTube, Local contents.

This promotion applied to all 3 branches and other major province areas such as Bavet, Poipet, Chereythom.

Contact us now to find out more and win free $10 voucher:

  • 093 22 25 00 | 023 22 66 22

*Free 50Mbps DIX bandwidth for Facebook, YouTube, Google and Local Contents with any internet subscriptions.

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