MekongNet provides full solutions for the needs of Banking Sector

During Cambodia Banking Conference 2017, the annual ICT event co-organized by the International Data Group (ASEAN), MekongNet have shown the wide ranges of services for the needs of BANKING clients. We also provide a new promotion for Banking and Microfinance sector as the services will secure data, network connection and even make them easy to connect with their customers with Mekong SMS.

Since Cambodia Banking Conference 2017 is a forum for bank leaders, financial experts to share experience, discuss strategies and suggest solutions in order to develop banking services based on advance IT applications, MekongNet is honored to and introduce the new achievements of modern technology and IT applications.

Below are the wide ranges of services for BANKING clients:

- Internet: MekongNet offers dual fiber optics links (primary and backup routes) to secure the internet and DPLC/IPLC connection and provide high-speed data delivering.

- Domestic Private Leased Circuit (DPLC):  The extensive and expandable fiber optics network of MekongNet reaches all commercial states in Cambodia with speed ranges from 1Mbps to 100Gbps and more. DPLC generally helps clients in delivering high-speed data transferring, video conferencing, and other popular media within Cambodia. For banking sector in particularly, DPLC services are proven beneficial in branches and ATM establishment as well as high speed secured data transfer.

- Co-location: MekongNet provides most secured and constant support for Co-location services with highly sophisticated Data Centers, which are fully equipped with full-critical facilities and high dedicated internet connectivity. The facilities offer high-security, including cameras, fire detection, and other items to ensure always-up availability and are ready to respond to the rapidly expanding web hosting and e-commerce marketplace.

- Virtual Private Servers (VPS): Performing and executing exactly like an isolated stand-alone server; VPS can run off-the-shelf software without any changes. Using VPS for banking businesses is cost-efficient, secure and easy to customized application set.

- SI solution (Wi-Fi / CCTV/ Access Control)

•            Networking and Wi-Fi System: MekongNet provides full networking and WIFI system including both hardware and software for overall network setup & management of clients.

•            CCTV Camera System: Full CCTV solutions with all necessary hardware and camera are included and can be bundled with network connectivity services for best offers.

•            Access Control System: MekongNet helps setup and maintain all kinds of general access control systems such as fingerprint/ face scanned/ card type door access.

- SMS Service: Banks use SMS services for One Time Passwords (eServices), notifications, payment reminders, new product announcements, as well as for internal SMSes such as server/ATM system alerts. MekongNet provides a one-stop-shop of SMS delivery to all Cambodia mobile phones. We also provide customized SMS application development for clients who need a specific process implemented. MekongNet works directly with the mobile operators to ensure high-quality delivery and support. SMS is better than email marketing because SMS will be viewed immediately. 98% of SMS messages are read within 90 seconds, whereas only 15% of emails are read with an average of 2.5 days.

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