MekongNet promotes education sector through Cambodia STEM Festival

Being a bronze sponsor for 13th annual Cambodia STEM festival, MekongNet wants to promote education sector as it is one of the important fundamental factors of development- which makes people improve the quality of their lives and understanding.

Moreover, STEM Festival, known as a science fair, is essential for students, as the followings:

• It offers a unique opportunity for students to explore their world and build a wealth of scientific knowledge and skills;

• Exhibitions and presentations in STEM Festival synergize a student’s skills in Language, Science, Mathematics, and Arts;

• As students conduct independent research, each has the opportunity to individually learn, grow and develop;

• STEM provides students with the opportunity to investigate and/or address a problem using sound scientific reasoning and methodology.

• STEM encourages students to strive for their personal best by providing a venue for students to share their efforts, discoveries, creations and inventions with others and compare the outcome of the research among other students.

• It helps teachers to assess and understand students’ development and learning not only on science content but also on the scientific process, technical skills, oral and written communication and creativity.

MekongNet is delighted to be a part of the STEM event and also provides the internet connection for the whole event.