MekongNet sponsors the Phnom Penh Half Marathon to protect the world environment

PHNOM PENH, 18st June 2011– Acknowledge the ultimate goals of the Phnom Penh Half Marathon, MekongNet is honored to be the main sponsor for this event, with the aspiration to dedicate a small contribution to protect the world environment. The Phnom Penh Half Marathon – Olympic Day is a meaningful event organized by National Olympic Committee of Cambodia under the theme of World Environment Day on Jun 5th. The event attracts nearly 2000 participants, both local citizens and foreigners.

Although it is the first time an International Sport Program is organized in Phnom Penh, we acknowledge the meaning of this program. As you may know, the whole world is facing a serious issue: climate change. As the climate change, the global temperatures have risen, extreme weather like tsunami, drought, heavy rain and snow, storms and floods are becoming more frequent and intense. Consequently, the climate change poses the direct risk to human health and safety, especially in a developing country as Cambodia. Being the main sponsor for this program, we hope that MekongNet can contribute a small part to rein this issue. We also want to say to all the participants of the Half Marathon, and all the audiences who are watching this program that: let’s join hands together to protect our beautiful world.

We believe that the Phnom Penh Half Marathon, together with other Asian Marathon Circuit in Mongolia, Thailand, China and Malaysia, will be brightly successful, and many people from everywhere will aware more clearly of the global issue and can do something to protect the world together.