Cloud Server VPS


MekongNet ISP has been the first virtual private cloud service / cloud service providers in Cambodia.

  • Simple. With practically no hardware limit, upgrading / downgrading specifications can be applied and effective immediately.
  • Cost effective. There is no hardware cost for your capital expense (Low CAPEX)
  • Flexible. You get root access and what goes inside is under your control. We can easily be scale up or down according to your needs.
  • Effecient. Take advantage of the perks being hosted locally wiht very low latency and immediate response times, on  top of enterpise grade security with top quality connectivity from the most trusted ISP in the Kingdom.


Also known as Virtual Private Servers (VPS), it is the best alternative to owning your own server since it practically has all the capabilities of an on-premises physical server. Cloud servers are created using virtualization software to divide a physical (bare metal) server into multiple virtual servers. In general have endless variety of applications, the most basic examples are online storages like google cloud, one drive and icloud up to complex big data crunching like the recently popularized Folding@Home where the combined power of servers are used to help find a cure to the global pandemic. It is practically an online repository of anything that you can think of on the internet.

  •  Web/E-mail Hosting - create websites and corporate emails
  • Video streaming repository - provide your local audience  excellent quality videos
  • SaaS for StarUps and Developer Agencies - Powerful websites and applications for you and your clients
  • ICT Education - Unlock the potential of future programmers / developers for cloud. Give them a deeper level of understanding and gain the ability to adapt on any platform.

Server Management

  • Complete admin level access
  • Server statistics (disk usage, system uptime, RAM usage)
  • Remote reboot or shutdown

Domain / Website Management

  • Single interface domain management
  • Configure sites and update application settings
  • Graphical file manager to upload, download, and edit
  • Automated DNS templates
  • Create mailboxes, mail groups and auto-responders
  • Schedule domain backup

Cloud Servers with MekongNet ISP

  • We are an official Microsoft partner, and can provide Microsoft licenses if needed
  • We are officially recognized able to help you get the .kh domain extension
  • Gain the ability to localize your traffic and get localized support
  • Bundled with 100Mbps of local bandwidth*
  • Upgradeable to higher hardware specifications or more licenses anytime
  • Unlimited data transfer


Data Center
Business Fiber
Domestic Private
Leased Connection


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