Enterprise Fiber Internet

Enterprise Fiber Internet raises the bar for businesses. MekongNet ISP provides business-grade internet service that leverages on a nationwide fiber coverage to deliver fast, stable and reliable connection.

Who is it for?
Banks, Airlines, Government institutions, Hotels and other large corporations use enterprise grade fiber internet for their business-critical operations as it is reliable and stable. 

How fast?
From 1Mbps (one megabit per second) up to 1Tbps (one terabit per second), MekongNet ISP offers flexible and scalable bandwidth, which allows you to adjust based on your company needs.

Common Add Ons:
Public IP, Roaming Wi-Fi, HotSpot, DPLC/IPLC, Dedicated line, Special route.

Support Level:
Up to 99.98% Service Level Agreement + 24/7 technical support

Above and Beyond:
No data capacity limit. Which means unlimited number of uploads and downloads.
Nationwide Coverage. MekongNet ISP has a strong and growing 80% coverage of the entire country



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